My Journey To eSight – Part 1

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease when I was 15. (a long time ago) Stargardt’s is an inherited retina disorder that takes away central vision, leaving peripheral vision. There is no cure. I don’t drive, can’t easily recognize faces, need magnification to read, , use text to speech on my Mac and iPhone, and use hand-held telescopes to see things at a distance.

I have been blessed in so many ways.  When I was young, my family encouraged me to believe in what I could do, not what I couldn’t. I have had so many rides from kind friends and families. Life is good. But now it is about to get even better!

On March 31st, Marisa and I met my daughters and my Mom at the Homewood Suites in Philadelphia to meet with a rep from a company called eSight.  This incredible company has created a pair of glasses that enable people like me to see.

Brandon from eSight was great. He explained how the glasses worked and then had me read some numbers on a chart with my regular glasses. As usual, I could only see the big ones! Then came the transformative moment. He put the eSight glasses on me, showed me some basic control functions and them…I could see!

I now know that eSight will change my life forever. It is, however, and expensive device, and understandably so. Insurance does not cover it, even though it is the only treatment for what i have.  The cost is $9995.00.  Since most people don’t have that much cash available, eSight has a platform for us to raise the money with no fees. Every cent raised goes to my glasses. Once the money is raised, it will take about 4 weeks to make my glasses. (mine will be black) I am hoping to have them by the summer to have the time to get used to them so that when the school year starts in September, I will be ready.

Many of my friends have already generously supported me. As of this post, I am at 28% of the goal. I am so grateful for the support that I have received and for the support that I will receive.  Hoping to be Jordy soon!

So, if you can, please donate to my campaign to get my eSight and see again!  Here is a link to my page on eSight.

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