My Journey to eSight – Part 3

Yesterday was a huge day in my campaign to raise funds for eSight. From the first donation, I was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by so many friends and friends of friends. I was primarily posting my page on Facebook, and occasionally twitter. So many of my Facebook friends shared the post to encourage their friends to give what they could.

As of Friday afternoon, I was at 53% of my goal and was hopeful that i could have eSight by sometime in the summer. Earlier in the week, I was asked to help out a local company that I knew well. They wish to not be mentioned. They said they were moving to Mac and wanted my help. I said sure. I arrived at the company and they took me to the conference room. They offered me a seat in front of a laptop and I said. “that’s not a Mac.” They said they knew and that the Macs were being brought in soon.

The CEO entered and mentioned that they were having difficulty connecting to the big screen TV. Then he started talking to me about a new mission and vision for his company. It was well stated and I even talked about some mission and vision ideas with him. A lively and fun conversation.

Then he asked one of the other people in the room to give me her laptop and for me to take a look. She said, “can you see the screen?” I tried and then she zoomed in. I could see, but had to look four or five times. I knew what it said, but I couldn’t believe my eyes! This is what I saw:

The goal was reached by a nearly $5000 contribution!!! Goal met! Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. Tears, gratitude, and relief were what I was experiencing.

Without the support of everyone who contributed, I would not have reached this milestone. I am grateful to all of you. In particular, I wish to thank Marisa, my Mom, and my daughters Joey and Holly for being there for me all of the time and for giving me encouragement, love, and support.

When I first tried eSight on March 31, I wanted to take it home with me. It is a miracle piece of technology. But I never thought this would happen so quickly!

So, what’s next? eSight will start to make my eSight glasses on Monday. I will speak with them on Monday morning. I am going with black glasses. It will take about 4 weeks to make them,. I am hoping to be using eSight on my birthday, which is June the 2nd.

I will keep updating here regarding progress. This technology is changing lives for the better. I will keep sharing eSight news. If you know anyone who is visually impaired, encourage them to check out eSight.

Thanks for stopping by. I welcome your comments and questions.

Peace, and God’s Blessings to you all!

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