My Journey WITH eSight – Part One

I was about to title this Part Four, but it is no longer my Journey to eSight!

I was hoping to receive my eSight glasses by June 2nd. But last Wednesday, I received an email from eSight that my glasses had shipped, They arrived Thursday evening. So the new journey has begun

The box had everything in it, including the very cool case in which eSight can ride around. It contained a quick start guide on how to wear the device. So i followed the instructions, attached the already received prescription frames, pressed the power  button, and the future began.

eSight says that it will take about three months for me to get truly trained on how to best use eSight, but in the first few days, it was incredible!  I was in Wildwood, and was able to see the ocean from the boardwalk. I could read signs, see faces, and more. Once I got comfortable letting my peripheral vision look at the OLED screens I was set.

Returning to school on Tuesday, I tried it a bit in class. I am not ready yet to wear eSight for a full class.. This is where I learned to adjust the contrast. After writing a synthetic division problem on the board, I walked to the back of the room to see if I could see it. I adjusted the contrast, and the nunbers were crystal clear.

On Tuesday evening, I had a Skype session with Tyler from eSight. He went over the entire device, especially the controls and all of the settings.  He also guided me through the process of installing a larger forehead band. Tomorrow I will be assigned my eSight Ambassador, who will be my trainer and my contact.  eSight doesn’t just sell you the device they really want you to be able to use it to truly see.

Here is a quick selfie of my looking like Geordie.




There is so much to learn, but this is so much fun! Between the high quality images, the contrast and zoom, I am truly seeing like I haven’t in 4 decades. It is a miracle. Thank you eSight, and thanks to all of you who made this possible. Much more to come!


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