My Journey to eSight Part 2

My campaign to raise the funds so that i can get eSight glasses is moving along well. These glasses represent a true miracle for me. Since I was 15, I never believed that I would ever truly see, and now that is possible and going to happen!

eSight’s mission is “Everyone Deserves To See”, and they truly follow that mission. They have been very helpful to me. And a quick search for eSight on Google News shows stories of people who now can see thanks to this life-changing technology.

Here is another video from my first eSight experience on March 31st 2017. This is an “in the moment” video.

It was so strange to walk through the hotel lobby and see as I haven’t in so long. I truly think that my brain wasn’t ready! It was an overwhelming experience.

As of this writing, I am at 41% of my goal in less than 2 weeks. That is due to the tremendous support of those who have donated so far. Like so many people I know, I don’t have $9995 available. eSight knows that most people don’t/ And they hope to make this miracle even more affordable in the future. As Of now, insurance dose not cover this, and it should. So fundraising is the way!

You can learn more about eSight here. 

And here is the link to my support page.  Thanks for any donation that you can give, big or small, they all help!

Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments.